Animating the Inanimate

This project is the response to a brief formulated during my 1st year at Goldsmiths Design Course 2006.
I was asked to explore the potential of a candle and my response was to design a system able to generate mirrored similarities between beings (humans) and objects (candles).



I designed a ‘Laboratory’ that consists in three chambers superposed and a pipe to control the oxygen levels
and wind intensity within them; the candle itself becomes a representation ‘symbolically’ of the human
condition and its various emotional states, (angry, sad,jealous, lonely,……) The result is a collection of 30 photographs in a postcard format as the one on the right.




Complete photo gallery PDF.



Detail of the making of ‘the laboratory’ and the candles.





A transformation process; the camera captures moments during the transformation of the candle, from when it comes to life (the moment when the wick lights) until it dies (the moment when the candle consume its body made of wax), that express the emotions in the candle during its lifetime.


A compilation of random sequences during this process.





The next diagrams explain how the micro-environment labeled as ‘the factory’ or ‘the laboratory’ works.









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