This project is the product of a collaboration with Atmos, it blends architecture, furniture an experience design, these three disciplines converge in the design of a massive installation, a structural table 17×8 meters that re-design the shapes of the world that have been sculpted in three dimensional scale.


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Image courtesy of Atmos


Image courtesy of Atmos


Image courtesy of Atmos


Worldscape has been entirely built using 12 mm white coated plywood, built using the most advanced CNC technologies and fully designed by computer assistance.



The design is generated from the contours of the world, from its mountains, valleys and seas, and engraves almost every topographic detail on its surface, including the cities and other data that helps to navigate the world.


Andes mountains (below). Detail (above)



Image courtesy of Atmos


View from top of european Alps (above). Himalayas and underwater contours (below).



The installation has been designed in modules in order to add versatility and mobility to the structure, then the different parts can be used separately, moved in the space or reduced in size to fit smaller venues.


Detail of underwater contours (above)



Worldscape is a highly complex structure where every single component is unique and different from the rest, then the beauty of the process comes when every piece fits perfectly, as a symphony in perfect harmony, delivering a fluid and articulated design.


Himalayan mountains (above). Detail (below)




Worldscape performs during night time when the structure gets illuminated from within, spreading the light throughout the surroundings. More than a 1500 led lights have been installed to fit the spots that represent the cities around the world.




Worldscape was designed to host the culinary events introduced at the Global Feast 2012, events that explore different cultures around the globe.









The different modules have been designed as accurate, functional and sophisticated pieces of furniture, able to be assembled and disassembled from its original components.



Image courtesy of Atmos



Detail of the bench.


Worldscape has been mentioned several times in the media during the London Olympics and Paralympics 2012.
Newspapers like The London Evening Standard, The Telegraph, The Independent or the magazine Time Out have highlighted the installation as one of the hottest ‘must go’ events in London during that period.


The Telegraph
London Evening Standard
The Independent
Time Out


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