Urban Olympiad

Formerly called ‘Olympic Streets’, Urban Olympiad is a project that has been designed with the intention to transfer the Olympic spirit into the public realm by creating an street version of the Olympic games accesible to everybody’s participation.
The project targets local communities that will generate and interact directly with activities related with some of the Olympic sports alongside with exciting events and performances that target to celebrate the beginning, during and the end of the competitions that will coincide with their official Olympic counterpart from opening to closing.


The project has the aim to:

- Bring access to a better understanding of what the values that inform the Olympic spirit, (solidarity and participation), mean in our society through turning participants and spectators in active actors of the whole process instead of keeping them as passive spectators.

- Encourage residents of the participating ward to engage in physical activities that will stimulate their interest in sport careers, alongside the exploration of the positive impact generated for body and mind by doing physical exercise and having a healthy lifestyle.

- Mix social, cultural and economical backgrounds together with the intention to promote tolerance and cohesion within the community.

- Maximize accessibility and participation due to the fact that all the activities and events will take place in the public realm.


Read PDF for full concept.


The observations taken from the installations that were set up during the course of 2009 when developing the project Playful Interventions In Times of Crisis drove me to some conclussions that I collected and that helped me to develop the initial thesis for this project during the end of that year. PDF

The first stage of this project was presented at Hackney Wick Festival 2011, a perfect area located literally in front of the Olympic Park. At that stage the project was presented through two bodies of work: the movie developed during 2009 that promotes and communicates the concept, alongside the development of The Dunk prototype into a piece of furniture that was installed on a lamppost located at Prince Edward Road within the same area.

Watch the movie here, it was projected at the See Studio space as part of the events displayed for the London Design Festival 2011.


Installation location at Prince Edward Road, London E9 5


The Dunk as a piece of furniture took its design from The Dunk as part of the kit designed for the Urban Olympiad Equipment.

: use headphones to fully enjoy it.

First Guests
Duration: 1min 38sec
Soundtrack: ‘Exactly like you’ by Django Reinhardt

YouTube Preview Image

This movie shows a moment that took place during the installation, three kids playing basketball while skating with a snake board…. are they inventing a new sport!!!???

: use headphones to fully enjoy it.

A Night Out
Duration: 1min 40sec
Soundtrack: ‘Taka Chinja (Hunting Drums)’ by The National Percussion Group Of Kenya

YouTube Preview Image

This movie transfers the spirit of the project when it shows a wide range of social mixture. An alternative party in the streets of London based in active physical participation and respect.




The map above shows the circuit of installations that the project considered to install following the initiative at Playful Interventions In Times Of Crisis.


In collaboration for Hackney Wick Festival 2011:

OpenVizor : funder.
The Kindest : production.
See Studio : host and publisher.
Hackney Wick Festival : host.


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