Worldscape II

This new development is built entirely from sheets of shiny aluminium sandwich composite, 12 & 18 milimeters thick, in order to convert the surfaces in mirrors that will reflect the surroundings to emphasize the dramatic quality of the experience, when the lights,projections,the space and the spectator presence melt in a single body.


The table has been reduced to the Americas continent for this project.











The images below show the installation at night, the blue lights indicate that it is in stand-by mode, when it starts performing brings coloured combinations.








The table is provided with new devices in order to display all its power. The screens flexible design folds into the structure to give space on the edges, they are the interface through where the users will interact with the table features, as it will be explained later.








The installation performs as a cathalist and collects data from all over the world, bringing back feedback based in the user’s experience.




The image below shows one way of how the installation works.There is a meeting of a group of financial workers, in this example Worldscape performs by collecting real time data from the neuralgic financial Stock Exchange centers in the world and displays it through 3D holographic projected technology.




‘Worldscape’ performing during the London Olympics 2012. The installation broadcasts the sport events that are taking place within the Olympic Park and beyond.



The installation follows the Olympic schedule and emphasize the events by displaying a festival of light and sound when informs about the winners of every competition. When a athlete or a team from some country wins, then the area of the world to which this team belongs explodes projecting upwards colourful projections, with the intention to produce as much excitement as possible in the audience.









The monitors are distributed all around the installation and have the function to display the interface which with the user can access the Worldscape features.



A navigation system has been designed as a menu easily accessible by the user who can choose the area of the world he/she wants to explore, though the senses of the Worldscape ‘Allied’ and ‘collaborators.’




Each monitor controls a specific zone within the installation. The diagram below explains the areas of control and the monitor location.



The monitors are computers that directly control all the projections and lightning systems in the installation.



To deliver the sensory experience it has been designed a net of ‘Allied’ and ‘Collaborators’. The ‘Allied’ is a term used in the installation to call the animal species that live under a specific ecosystem. Some of them have been selected to capture all the sensory data around them in order to transfer it to the installation on real time.



The specimen selected have been equipped with a special garment supplied with the latest recording systems, cameras and sensors that will transfer their sensations to the installation.



In the image below a dolphin captures a surfer while visiting the coast of Britain.



A Brazilian parrot (below) captures a piece of the Rio de Janeiro carnival while resting in the branch of a tree.




A cat (below) captures a traditional horse race at the streets of Buenos Aires.




A fox in Alaska is witnessing a bear dispute from the distance.




Some images of the garment designed for felines.






The ‘Collaborators’ are the other source of input, they are individuals that contribute like the animal specimen to capture what they see and feel in order to share it with the installation.
A diagram below shows the different types of ‘Collaborators’.



All the data captured by the ‘Allied’ and the ‘Collaborators’ is displayed in the installation according with the user preferences when choosing where and through which medium to explore. All this data is delivered real time through the Worldscape technological equipment like the latest digital 3D holographic projectors.
Some examples below show some iconic events, data that has been captured by the ‘Allied’ and the ‘Collaborators’ in different locations around the world.







The earthquake and the hurricane in Haiti, the U.S major political changes among other social, cultural, economic events of diverse nature are displayed at the same time to fulfil what the concept is about: to build a rich and multi-sensitive atmosphere where a wide range of human emotions could blend with the aim to create awareness. This occurs by collecting and displaying global data in a single platform, where a compressed space alongside powerful multisensory stimulus has the target to promote rational criticism, which could spark off by subconsciously contrasting those experiences within humans psyche.



The images below take a slice of the Worldscape installation to show its new development and its components.












The movie below shows the construction process.


YouTube Preview Image


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