Pinball Map

This project is a design exercise product of the response to a brief that asked to design a map that could represent my whole experience during my 1st year at Goldsmiths Design course.
There were loads of factors involved, that combined generated a unique life experience.



I chose to represent this year graphically, focusing my research in two concepts, fear and fun. Both could be the two forces that drove my thinking in each project, fear about the uncertain, and the fun I experimented when I started to feel comfortable through the process.
I focused my research in exploring games, and I arrived to the sequence of the movie TRON, where to bikes compete in order to survive. I identified each bike with one of each force, that are continuously in conflict.


Still from the movie Tron



Later on I transferred this design to the universal platform of the pinball machine which surface I divided in several areas that represent those factors and forces.
The pinball machine works when a pinball, that represents a single project, begins its journey from the starting point until the end. During this journey it draws an imaginary line that design a pattern, this pattern represents symbolically my experience during this specific project.
Five projects, five pinballs.














This diagram shows how the different areas of the pinball machine work.


Final installation image.

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