Playful Interventions In Times Of Crisis

A series of installations have been placed in different locations throughout London with the intention to deliver a unique experience by creating dinamic spaces that overlap the existing static models. Those have the aim to challenge our capacity to play and to deal with our routines. Watch the movie and get more of the project here….

Urban Olympiad

This project has been conceived to transfer the Olympic spirit to the streets by designing a urban version of the Olympic games open to everybody’s participation. What about the people that haven’t been able to afford a ticket to watch the Olympic games?, have they to resign their selves to observe their heroes from their sofas?. More here….

Urban Olympiad Equipment

This set of objects have been designed to emulate some established Olympic sports. They are the evolution of the prototypes designed at ‘Playful Interventions in Times of Crisis’ that are conceived to be installed in the urban furniture and also in spaces whose structures are compatible with the designs. More here….

The Floating Forest

The project blends architecture with the design of an experience, both converge in the design of a couple of vessels that have the intention to create a botanic floating micro environment,conceived to navigate the canals of London while hosting a diverse range of summer festivals and activities. More here….


The tallest table in the world, 17×8 meters long and 2 meters tall, is the result of blending architecture, furniture and experience design, a massive installation that builds the world from its contours, a three dimensional representation of our planet, with all its mountains, seas and metropolis. More here….

Worldscape II

Worldscape as a cathalist of the world disparate realities. At this development the structure turns into an alive body that interacts delivering the user real time experience. The data is displayed by the latest 3D holographic technology that will generate powerful and realistic multisensory stimulus. More here….